AWNZ 1000/3000


The computerized feeding system AWNZ (Advanced Web-oriented Nutri Zoo) guarantees complete control of the feeding process, offering superior reliability and security, combined with different personalization and the possibility of remote monitoring with ADSL or mobile devices. It’s possible to have an access to the statistical data of different AWNZ from a single point of control, creating a real supervision center. Moreover, currently only for Android mobile devices, there is an application that allows the management of the topographic and statistic data inside the sheds, (type Flash3000, Hand-Box).

The operator inserts data in the system using a normal computer keyboard and mouse or touch-screen. With a simple graphical interface, you can configure and monitor the entire system through a intuitive categorization of screens and parameters. The various phases of the feeding process are displayed in detail, highlighting the box data, the monitoring times, the amount of food present in the tank and so on. The state of the inputs and outputs is displayed on the template, all operations are constantly monitored, any anomalies are clearly marked. The information regarding the various states of the system are cyclically stored.

The AWNZ is able to record the consumption of the various components as a total amount, or on topographical level in relation to the food distributed. Each preparation and distribution in the box is "marked" and made available in a report file in .csv format, compatible with applications like Office, OpenOffice, or any other management software. Animal deaths statistics complete the system. These statistics are analyzed on a special page of the system, and it’s possible to apply the selection criteria and topographical groupings, by line, group or any livestock sectors. The files saved in the system can be copied on USB flash or consulted remotely.